Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet)

Bringing together researchers, practitioners and policy makers working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland

Participate in an interactive and fun event raising funds for Govan & Craigton Integration Network

diguptheroots_FBbanner-1On the 31st of May Dig Up the Roots will be fundraising at the Art School Union for the Govan and Craigton Integration Network (GCIN).  This is first and foremost an opportunity for the people affected by these issues to get together and have a good time. GCIN has a fantastic, motivated, and talented team of people working together to support the uprising problems that people face as refugees or asylum seekers.

Lots of great bands will be playing, and around the space of the Art School there will be a chance to see videos and information about the general issues asylum seekers and refugees are experiencing. There will also be information displayed about how to get involved in current projects that are positive, fun, and open to anyone looking to gain an invaluable experience through GCIN, including a new theater group.

Govan & Craigton Integration Network

Govan & Craigton Integration Network

The center is looking for friendly people to coordinate their ideas with, and to make something amazing happen with people that have migrated from all over the world. There is a lot we can learn from people at GCIN and there are a lot of opportunities for ourselves to make Glasgow even more of a recognised place for cultures and people to thrive in.

Please go to the facebook page to find out more about this great event. And don’t forget to invite your friends! If you would like to be involved at the event or you have any questions please email

Hope to see you there!


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