Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet)

Bringing together researchers, practitioners and policy makers working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland

Film Series

The GRAMNet/BEMIS Film Series brochure is OUT!

This year we bring you documentary and feature films from Scotland and around the world making up a programme that illustrates the diversity and commonalities of those who endure exile and persecution. The films we have selected, and for which we have received generous support often from the makers and distributors themselves, depict stories of people who must manage extreme risk in order to survive and flourish. Using the compelling medium of film, the series explores difficult questions of what it means to be human and how powerful structures place human beings in complex scenarios which force people into exceptional circumstances. These are stories of loss, but are also stories and acts of resistance, solidarity and empowerment, revealing survival strategies which bind people together forming communities of hope against adversity.

The films in our series are groundbreaking in terms of content, form and production methods: protagonists themselves become filmmakers by documenting their own epic journeys of exile and refuge; personal and historical home-video footage gives an intimate portrayal of life in a refugee camp; cameras hidden in bags and clothes get inside detention camps to expose the horrors of detention; and film crews spend months returning to toxic exclusion zones to capture the defiance of the human spirit. Together these films create a picture of lives in motion, refusing to be denied their right to exist.

gramnet-2016-17-cover-page-001Download our brochure here: GRAMNet Film Series Booklet 2016/2017

Screenings are free of charge and open to everyone (some age restrictions apply). They are accompanied by forums, discussions and Q&A for everyone to share views and thoughts in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

The Film Series is hosted by the Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA).

Doors open at 5.30pm. Screenings start at 6.00pm.




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