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Immigration control, Brexit and Northern Ireland

Guest post written by Chris Gilligan. I have done a lot of travelling between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, and I have friends who regularly cross the … Continue reading

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From Guambía to Govan: Reflections on indigenousness, immigration and cultural memories

by Dr Alvaro Francisco Huertas Rosero and Dr Svenja Meyerricks   The territory is the centre point from which resources flow – resources which make up communities, livelihoods, animals, plants, … Continue reading

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My Name is Alison…

During the last 3 months Alison has been working in Ghana, Australia and New Zealand – all post-colonial contexts where questions of race and indigenaity are deeply implicated in the … Continue reading

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The Divides That Bond Us

by Anna Matthews   The recent EU referendum has sparked an unwelcome change in British society. Racism and anti-immigration sentiment has always existed but it has now become acceptable in … Continue reading

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  For the first time the daffodils do not bring me cheerfulness, their nodding yellow heads, incongruent, stubborn, sunshine at the wrong end of winter.   It is war time. … Continue reading

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The Academic Border Guard

  And they will say of me that despite it all, I was a border guard. That I assigned my signature to the papers which monitored and revealed the whereabouts … Continue reading

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Q&A with Conor Ashleigh, documentary photographer

We speak to Conor Ashleigh, the documentary photographer behind the British Red Cross exhibition ‘Starting again – A new life in Scotland’. The families featured in the exhibition were forced … Continue reading

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Whose Crisis is it Anyway?

by Gareth Mulvey     ‘I’m a refugee and I don’t like being described as a crisis’. This was a voice from the floor at a conference jointly organised by … Continue reading

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Emergency Thinking

by Alison Phipps     The EU Interior Ministers Summit took place in Brussels on Monday with Denmark and UK predictably refusing to take on refugees arriving in other Member … Continue reading

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Summer and the Med…

by Keith Hammond   Summer is a time of holidays for most of us. It is a time when we forget work for a while and all the things we … Continue reading

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