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Film Series: Holocaust Memorial Day screening of A Hole in the Head

This month marks Holocaust Memorial Day which will be commemorated at GRAMNet/BEMIS Film Series on Wednesday 24th January with Slovak director Robert Kirchhoff’s film A Hole in the Head. A Hole … Continue reading

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Home is where the heart is: December screening of the GRAMNet/BEMIS Film Series

With just a few days before the start of the winter holidays, the GRAMNet/BEMIS Film Series at the CCA screened a triple bill of Scottish films that each tells, in … Continue reading

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Film Series: stories of migration and integration in Scotland: Wigilia, The Hide and Scotland’s Memoir

This year, we celebrate International Migrants Day with one documentary, one short and one feature film set in Scotland. Join us on Wednesday, 13 December 2017 from 6pm at the … Continue reading

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Film Series: Wallah – Je te jure

This year to mark International Day of Tolerance we will be screening Wallah – Je te jure. Please come and join us on Wednesday 8 November 2017 at 6pm at the … Continue reading

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Film Series: A World Not Ours // I came from the unknown to sing.

This month on 17th May 6pm at CCA the GRAMNet/BEMIS film series returns with two films to commemorate Al Nakba: award winning Palestinian filmmaker Mahdi Fleifel‘s A World Not Ours; … Continue reading

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Film Series: Chasing Asylum

To mark World Day of Social Justice the GRAMNet and BEMIS film series presents Eva Orner‘s CHASING ASYLUM on Wednesday 8th February at the CCA at 6pm. Only recently released in … Continue reading

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Film Series: Son of Saul

GRAMNet and BEMIS Scotland will be screening this multi award-winning film on Wednesday 25th January at the CCA at 6pm to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. Drama: Hungrary (2015) Director: László … Continue reading

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Film Series: Paddington

This month is International Women’s Day, and on the 9th March at 6pm GRAMNet/BEMIS film series is happy to bring you a slightly different film from our usual film repertoire… … Continue reading

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Film Series: Queens of Syria and Cartographers

This month is World Day of Social Justice.  To mark this day of significance, on Wednesday 10th February GRAMNet and BEMIS film series presents a double-bill: Yasmin Fedda’s Queens of Syria … Continue reading

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Film Series: I am Kuba (2015) and For Ailsa (2015)

This month it is International Migrants Day.  Please join us to mark this occasion with another double-bill GRAMNet/BEMIS film series event.  We are proud to present For Ailsa, a film … Continue reading

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