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Film Series: Tiny Souls

The closing film of the GRAMNet/BEMIS Film Series 2019/20 is Tiny Souls, a moving documentary by Dina Naser. In celebration of World Refugee Day, recognising the struggles of living as a refugee while growing up and learning about the world, we are delighted to be able to share this film online for a limited time. Register here for the Q&A with Dina Naser and Esa Aldegheri on Wednesday, 17th June, from 7pm, via Zoom, to receive a link to watch the film and participate in the conversation.

How to join:

  • Watch the film online: by registering, you will receive a link to watch online anytime between 15 and 17 June. Keep an eye on your email for the link.
  • With one day in advance, you will receive a link to the Zoom meeting, so you can participate in the live discussion with Dina Naser and Esa Aldegheri.

Tiny Souls

  • Documentary: Jordan, Lebanon, Quatar, France (2019)
  • Director: Dina Naser
  • Running time: 85 mins
  • Languages: Arabic with English subtitles

After escaping the Syrian war, a free-spirited 9-year old and her family must navigate confined life when stranded in Zaatari Refugee Camp, Jordan. Over four years, the director follows her charactersʼ lives within barb-wired camp walls, capturing the resilient shift from childhood to adolescence, along with many states of adapting and survival in between, leading up to the eventual clash that threatens their fate.

A Jordanian director and producer of Palestinian roots, Dina first graduated
with a BA in Art and Graphic Design in 2003. And in 2013, Dina was
granted the Docnomads scholarship program for Master Degree in Documentary Filmmaking in Lisbon, Budapest and Brussels. Post graduating, she followed her passion for filmmaking, and worked her way through diverse TV productions like Sesame Street, and film productions such as The Cut by Fatih Akin, and Inchallah by Anais Barbeau Lavalere. She then transitioned behind the camera, and began to independently direct and produce. Dinaʼs devotion for documenting is inspired by people who are seemingly ordinary, until you learn of their unsung circumstances, and by stories that spring from her homeland in Palestine. Her subjects are
presented with poise and untainted perception, often touching on the veiled
layers of certain communities and habitats.

Esa Aldegheri is an academic and activist working in the field of migration and integration. She speaks five languages, is a researcher at the University of Glasgow and Chair of Edinburgh City of Sanctuary.

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