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Photo Essay: Life in the Calais Jungle

Misha Somerville (born 1980) came to photography and filmmaking in a roundabout manner, previously working as a musician and musical instrument maker. After 15 years of being in the privileged position of working on his own ideas, introspection one day gave way as he turned to focus on the challenges others face in life. Through a series of projects focusing on diverse subjects – from medical programs, to protest movements – he has been exploring the craft of communicating the struggles people face, always aiming to build empathy with those who happen to be at the frontier of the world’s issues…

Misha is currently working on Memo’s masterclass program and has photographed South Sudan Independence, South Sudan (2011) Bor Dinka tribes people, South Sudan (2011), Chain of Hope medical program, Aswan, Egypt (2012), Typhoon Haiyan aftermath, Phillipines (2013), Euromaidan Protests, Kiev, Ukraine (2013-14), Calais Junge Evictions, Calais, France (2016). He visited the Calais jungle twice during the evictions in March 2016 and before the camp was shut down Oct 2016. Please see comments on each photo.


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