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Film Series: StripLife // Fragments of Gaza (fragment 1)

After a one month break the GRAMNet/BEMIS Film Series is back!

We welcome all to join us next Wednesday 11th May for an evening of commemoration of the Palestinian Nakba. This year our focus will be on Gaza, with a screening of two films; StripLife and Fragments of Gaza (fragment 1). We will have a post-show discussion with Bash Khan, as well as a video link up with some of the filmmakers in Gaza who have contributed to the second film.

Directors: Nicola Grignani, Alberto Mussolini, Luca Scaffidi, Valeria Testagrossa, Andrea Zambelli
Running time: 64 mins


The Gaza Strip.
An inexplicable event has occurred during the night: dozens of manta rays stranded on the beach in Gaza City. 
Fishermen hasten from the whole Strip to grab some fresh meat.
Meanwhile the city is awakening. Antar spurs his brother to get up, today is the great day, in the afternoon he will record his first disk. 
Noor puts her make up on, she must appear in front of the television cameras. 
Jabber is already in the field. The shots of the rifles remind him that he lives in the buffer zone that separates Gaza from Israel.
A demonstration is going on in the streets. Moemen is there, doing his job as photographer.
At the port a boat returns with the hull riddled by shots.
The chant of the muezzin invades the space , multiplied by the minarets. 
As in a dream , the boys of the Parkour Team pirouette in a cemetery.
Life in the strip winds up until night.

Check out the trailer:

FRAGMENTS OF GAZA (fragment 1) (2016)
Film footage from various artists in Gaza
Edited & Directed by Basharat Khan
Running time: 13 mins.


This documentary bridges two main themes; firstly, we will explore the role of the mainstream and social media in telling the story of Palestine, and secondly, we are attempting to transcend the siege through media education and film.

Fragments of Gaza will feature the footage of young filmmakers living in Gaza as they tell the stories of their lives through film, together with clips and videos found on social media compiled to establish the history of the region.

The film aims to challenge the negative portrayal of Gaza offered by the mainstream media – a portrayal that threatens to dehumanise the people of Gaza by associating them with connotations of only decontextualized destruction and despair. In order to challenge that impression, we must fight for alternative narratives of life, perseverance, humanity and hope from Gaza to be heard worldwide. This film sets outs to give agency to the young residents of Gaza, moving away from a public narrative of victimhood and terrorism, without negating the real oppression of their everyday lives.


Doors open at 5.30pm. Screenings start at 6.00pm.

As usual, screenings are free and welcome to all (age restrictions apply). To guarantee a seat please come early, as tickets are on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.


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