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Bringing together researchers, practitioners and policy makers working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland

Film Series: Queens of Syria and Cartographers

This month is World Day of Social Justice.  To mark this day of significance, on Wednesday 10th February GRAMNet and BEMIS film series presents a double-bill: Yasmin Fedda’s Queens of Syria and Valentina Bonizzi’s Cartographers

Queens of Syria (2014). Running time: 60 mins. Cert: 12a

Yasmin Fedda‘s ‘Queens of Syria’ tells the story of fifty women from Syria, all forced into exile in Jordan, who came together in Autumn 2013 to create and perform their own version of the Trojan Women, the timeless Ancient Greek tragedy about the plight of women in war.

What followed was an extraordinary moment of cross-cultural contact across millennia, in which women born in 20th century Syria found a blazingly vivid mirror of their own experiences in the stories of a queen, princesses and ordinary women like themselves, uprooted, enslaved, and bereaved by the Trojan War.

Winner of the Black Pearl Award for Best Director from the Arab World at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, 2014

Cartographers (2015). Running Time: 20 mins.

Cartographers - VBonizzi Image for GRAMNET

Blending the register of the ethnographic interview with the mechanical vision of the aerial view, Valentina Bonizzi‘s film describes the migrant experience between alienation and the imaginative genius of the quotidian resistance.

Produced between 2012 and 2015 in Molise, Scotland and Paris, ‘Cartographers’ registers the unprecedented role of cartography employed by a generation of Italian who experienced migration, whether physically or imaginatively, and the direct influence of World War II. Cartographic production is generally associated with power dynamics dictated from above. Cartographers, instead is loaded with a different cartographic experience: the mapping of space and time operated from underneath, traced through the intimate and uncertain relief of memories, calibrated on variable shades of sensible experiences.

The bureaucratic language of Nation State, and the impersonal logic of political decisions that fix arbitrary borders becomes ridiculed and emptied through the stories of the Cartographers, that even though they have to comply with imposed constrains, they manage to carve out gateways of resistance.

Cartographers is commissioned by Cultural Documents, funded by Arts & Business, Arts and Humanities Research Council, Cultural Documents, and kindly sponsored by IFS World Wide.

We are very happy to confirm that Valentina Bonizzi will be joining us to talk about Cartographers, as well as a video link up with, Reem, one of the protagonists from Queens of Syria.


Doors open at 5.30pm. Screenings start at 6.00pm.

As usual, screenings are free and welcome to all (age restrictions apply) To guarantee a seat, tickets can be booked by visiting the CCA website or by calling +44 (0)141 352 4900.

Tickets must be collected from the CCA Box Office by 5.45pm, otherwise they will be released back into the system.


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