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Film Series: Karski & The Lords of Humanity (2015)



…a film by

Slawomir Grünberg.

Wednesday 27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day and GRAMNet/BEMIS film series brings you a brand new documentary, by outstanding documentary filmmaker and prestigious Emmy-award winner, Slawomir Grünberg. The film tells a story of Jan Karski; hero of the Polish Underground State.

Jan Karski, alias “Witold”, was the very first person to reveal to the Western allied governments the atrocities and mass murders committed by the Nazis in occupied Poland. He was an emissary of the Polish Underground State, sent to the Warsaw ghetto under cover on a mission to investigate the situation of Jews on the eve of the “final solution”. He aimed to reveal the shocking news about the tragedy of the Jewish people to the world. “Without the intervention of the Allies, the Jewish community will cease to exist in eighteen months’ time”, he reported in the so-called Karski Report, which was mostly based on the intel acquired firsthand, as an eyewitness. Regrettably, the information on the Holocaust, smuggled by Karski to the West, only made way to the 16th page of the New York Times. A few years ago, the American edition of Newsweek named Jan Karski one of the most outstanding personalities of 20th century, calling his wartime mission one of the moral milestones of 20th century civilization.

KARSKI & THE LORDS OF HUMANITY is really a historical essay – it combines elements of a psychological portrait with cognitive and fact-finding cinema. The film is made using a ground-breaking technique, combining unique archival footage with animated sequences.

Check out the trailer here:


We have very happy to announce that Dr Mia Spiro, an expert on Jewish identity, history and culture will give a reflection on the film and take questions from the audience.


Doors open at 5.30pm. Screenings start at 6.00pm.

As usual, screenings are free and welcome to all (age restrictions apply) To guarantee a seat, tickets can be booked by visiting the CCA website or by calling +44 (0)141 352 4900.

Tickets must be collected from the CCA Box Office by 5.45pm, otherwise they will be released back into the system.


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