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State of emergency announced in Egypt – increasingly difficult situation for numerous refugees and asylum seekers

A state of emergency has now been declared in Egypt. Civil law will be frozen and military law will come into immediate effect. Over the next few days there will be a round up of anyone associated with the Peace and Justice Party – the Muslim Brotherhood. The latest reports says a curfew has been ordered from 7.00 pm tonight, which means many more arrests will take place.

Charities and law centres so important for people like refugees will be closed down. It is not just Nasser City that will suffer a lock-down; the 6th October City where there are seven universities, including two private medical schools at Misr University for Science and Technology and October 6 University will find things very difficult.

Since 2011 the number of refugees in Egypt has increased. Many have come from the Sudan. Things will now get increasingly difficult. The police will have increased power for challenging anyone on the streets and demanding proof of identity. Military rule will be strengthened and few of the protections of civilian life that have been extended informally to refuges will be cancelled. The rights of asylum seekers will be curbed, along with legal aid provision. Sectarian hatred will be fed by increasingly irresponsible rhetoric on state sponsored TV, which will no doubt make the conditions much worse.

Many Syrian refugees living in areas like the 6th October City along with many foreign students will experience new conditions of fear. Since the military took charge on 3rd July, Syrian children have been refused entry to local schools. On Tuesday 13th August 84 Syrians were arrested. No one knows who is being held in right now but following the state of emergency announcement there will be many more arrests. The state of emergency will last for one month but it could be continued as suits the Generals.

Keith Hammond


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