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Coup happening in Egypt right now: Hundreds injured after Black uniforms were sent in to clear demonstrations

Reports coming out of Cairo this morning are very disturbing. All power has been turned off and transport suspended. The Egyptian Security Forces have moved into different parts of Nasr City, which is one of the largest areas in the East of Cairo where pro-Morsi supporters are concentrated around Rabaa Mosque. Live gunfire has been heard and the supporters outside the troubled areas have made their way over October 6th Bridge and are trying to march over to Giza. There is lots of smoke over the city.

Sources are reporting that banks and trading have been closed. The big prisons have been surrounded by military. That this is a coup is now beyond doubt. Media crews have been attacked by the Security Forces. Various reports say one cameraman has been shot. Other statements say the pro-Morsi supporters have been completed contained. No one is entering or leaving the troubled areas. The only media coverage is the Egyptian state media. Fatalities are said to be way above what is being announced.

It is particularly disturbing that the Security Forces (Black uniforms) have been sent in to clear these demonstrations. The army has been held back but they stand in wait blocking all entry and exit points. Live ammunition has been used and field clinics everywhere are packed out with injured people. Little can be confirmed at this point as only the state media services are broadcasting. No one knows the number of people killed but hundreds have been injured.

No one knows the fate of President Mohamed Morsi, who came over to Scotland in 2011 before the Presidential elections and gave a talk under the auspices of GRAMNet. There have also been arrests of many other Peace and Justice leaders.

The real worry of course is that there are many women and children in the camps around Cairo University and Rabaa, where people are now walling themselves up. Giza is an area with many NGOs and Community Development Centers. Many support services work around the Mosques. Moreover, different groups in opposition to the Morsi supporters might march into the cleared areas. This would give rise to further violence.  There is also the further problem that Morsi supporters might simply regroup in other areas with exactly the same violent results.

Keith Hammond


Watch this space for more reports on the violent developments in Egypt.


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