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NCADC to be registered as a charity – what do you think?

The National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC) has been recommended by the Management Committee to apply to be registered as a charity. The major reason for this is financial. NCADC receives no government funding and as funding is becoming harder to find, being a registered charity leaves more options to raise money than organisations that are not registered. NCADC has been advised that their current work fall within the Charity Commission definition of charitable, so they can carry on as before. However, they would have to change the wording in their constitution to better reflect what it is they actually do. Read more about this process here. The proposal will be put to the NCADC’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), where members will be asked to vote. Before the meeting, the NCADC wants to ask members and supporters what they think about it. Make sure you get your voice heard and indicate on their survey page if you agree or disagree. You can also leave a comment or question for the Management Committee. The result of the survey will be considered in the discussion and decisions of members at the AGM.


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