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Film screening: They go to die

The student led charity organisation Medsin, which is focused on tackling global health inequalities, is organising a film screening of ‘They go to die‘ on 30th April. The film was produced by Jonathan Smith, a lec­turer in Global Health and Epi­demi­ol­ogy of Micro­bial Dis­eases at Yale Uni­ver­sity. It is a doc­u­men­tary film-in-progress inves­ti­gat­ing the life of four for­mer migrant gold minework­ers in South Africa and Swazi­land who have con­tracted drug-resistant tuber­cu­lo­sis (TB) and HIV while work­ing at the gold mine. When the min­ers fail to improve their TB sta­tus at the min­ing hos­pi­tal, they are sent home to rural areas of South Africa often with no con­tin­u­a­tion of care or means for treat­ment. This prac­tice is often referred to as “send­ing them home to die” by lead­ing health officials.

Photo: Jonathan Smith

Photo: Jonathan Smith

The film screening is being organised by Medsin in conjunction with Results-UK, a grass-roots campaigning organisation, and the producer Jonathan Smith. The screening will take place at 7.30pm on 30th April in Boyd Orr LT E. Representatives of Results-UK will also be in attendance to answer our questions and tell us how we can get further involved in the campaign.


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