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Go back to where you came from: Australian TV show

Here’s a link to an Australian reality TV show relating to asylum that recently aired and is available to watch online:

Six ordinary Australians agree to challenge their preconceived notions about asylum seekers and refugees by living like refugees for 25 days. They move in with real refugees building a new life in Australia, before taking a perilous journey to unknown shores on a leaky boat.

The website also holds a lively discussion board.

Thanks Steve K for bringing this to our attention!


One comment on “Go back to where you came from: Australian TV show

  1. Rose
    December 8, 2011

    They also have a very interesting online simulation (it resembles a game);
    ”This immersive, interactive simulation is based on the experiences of real asylum seekers, drawing on statistics and facts about the difficult journeys undertaken by refugees.
    Your challenge is to get out of an Australia that has suddenly become hostile, and in which the lives of you and your family are threatened.
    Your success in migrating to another, safer country depends on difficult choices in a world of forged documents, rickety boats, aggressive authorities and overcrowded camps. It also requires no small amount of luck. ”


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