Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet)

Bringing together researchers, practitioners and policy makers working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland

Reflections on the GRAMnet PG Colloquium

I thought the 13 June, event of GRAMnet Postgraduate Colloquium was very good. I’m happy that I was there and I would like to thank all the group of GRAMNET on that day for their great hospitality during the event and after and not to forget all the researchers for opening my eyes about their work towards Refugees and Asylum Seekers. I think it will be good to have more events like this and GRAMnet could invite Refugees and Asylum Seekers to share their views and to understand, what their research is all about. It would allow Refugee and Asylum Seekers to see for themselves what researchers have found about Global issues towards Refugees and Asylum Seekers and what other people’s views are towards Refugees and Asylum Seekers. I believe that by doing that the researchers can gain power to put their work forward to international Refugee and Human Rights law and challenge the world leaders to protect Refugees from these broken laws. I find it very, very hard myself, as a refused Asylum seeker, that there is no law to protect me as a human being, and I can’t be sent back to my country because is not safe, but my support is stopped and I’m not allowed to work so that I can look after myself. I can’t appeal as no lawyers will take my case as I don’t have money and legal aid refused to take my case. How can I do anything if my rights are blocked? That shows that we have a long way to go as Refugees and Asylum Seekers until we can be recognised as human being again. I didn’t come to this colloquium to talk about what I’m going through but sharing the ideas of this broken world. Without fighting for our human rights and rights for our children to come, not only for Refugees and Asylum seekers but for Human Rights to be used equal and fair. GRAMnet group lets keep on working hard together, we can bring freedom for all. By Nico Ndlovu


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