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Goodnight from Tahrir Square …

Now late and I have just returned from Tahrir Square where the place is still buzzing.  It will go on this way all through the night because there is so much energy.  These youngsters live on coffee and roast potatoes that are all provided in the Square amidst some very smart speeches and debate.  It is weird having conversations about GRAMNet and then Gramsci with chanting in the background and the night line punctuated with the outline of tanks.  Of course the Palestinians come up constantly.  They all want to open up the Rafah crossing.

Many of the movement have bandages on their heads and dressing on one of their eyes …   it gives them a look of attitude.  They were blitzed with tear gas at one point for over a week.  They have been shot at and had Cairo’s answer to Lawrence of Arabia charging at them waving machetes and swords.  But they have stood firm and toppled a dictator of 32 years.  They have refused to go away and forget about their friends who are still held in Mubarak’s jail.  Quite a few are ‘missing’ and badges with the image of these friends are everywhere. These wonderful young people deserve the support of the entire world.  Where our world has been willing to compromise with Mubarak’s injustive over this or that arms deal they have just said ‘enough’…

Most of the movement were teenagers when they first took to the streets.  They are now well-primed revolutionaries and they are definitely up to the task of seeing off the rest of Mubarak’s men who are still hanging around claiming to be about endless reforms.  Everyone of these youngsters that I have met have been remarkable.  One minute they are asking about Scottish football and the next they are talking about a new sewer system for Cairo and more houses and schools for the Upper Nile.  Amazing …



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