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Cairo: still many held in the jails

Last Friday was all about ‘protecting’ the revolution.  The numbers in Tahrir Square were nothing like the previous Friday but the determination was still the same.  The people want an end to the emergency laws and the immediate release of all political prisoners. All along the road leading into the square I noticed one individual after another simply holding cardboard signs with the names of sons who are still being held behind bars written across them …

Official statements in Al-Wafd claim all those detained since January the 25th have been released but human rights groups like the Arab Network for Human Information claims there are squite a few still not released. This group’s lawyers say prisoners are mainly held in BurjAl-Arab and Al-Wadi Al-Gedid prisons.  Many fear those still not free may be dead.

Others last week stood outside the television buildings demanding that family members had been set up by Mubarak’s police.  The police are the most detested organisation in Egypt.  Oppositionists are calling for a review of many pre-25th January jailings, demanding that prisoners be released whilst lots of very dodgy charges are re-examined.  The magnitude of the Mubarak nightmare is only now really coming to light and the barbarity just seems to go on and on  …



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