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Then as now …

Look at this TV interview with Mubarak over thirty years ago.  He is speaking after the death of Sadat when the neo-liberal Open Door policies had been introduced.  Food prices went through the roof and wages dropped to the ground.  Trade unionists and all sorts of opposition figures were slammed in jail.  But listen to this man go on about ‘stability’.  At this time Egyptian labour flowing out of the state and things became very bad.  But true to form, Mubarak’s concerns were political stability.  Stability, transition, and more stability.

Thames TV’s interview with Mubarak was shortly recorded after El-Sadat assassination in 1981.

Neo-liberal stability has been purchased at the expense of the people.  It announced Egypt & Co and compromised the dignity and rights of a whole people.  There was little that Mubarak was not willing to compromise when it came to the almighty dollar.  The lessons of Egypt should be learned along with the lessons of various Latin American states whenever neo-liberalism emerges as the global flavor of the month.



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