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The Palestine Papers and refugee rights …

Most of the Al Jazera/Guardian documents released this week as part of the Palestine Papers confirm things that have been known for some time. What has been startling has been the detail.

Israel was prepared to concede absolutely nothing to the peace process, and further, the Palestinian Authority went along with the ground-rules of this game established so mercilessly by Livni and her team. Israel’s ‘security’ was at the centre of all these talks and the rights of the Palestinian people did not even get a peep into the proceedings. Nowhere in these documents do we get a thought given to the Palestinian people as real human beings.

That refugee rights could have been waved aside with such ease by the negotiators has to be really alarming. International law was not in the same room as these negotiators. What does that say about their legitimacy? What does that say about Rice and Clinton and the way they have backed Israel in its complete disregard for international law? What kind of justice can it be that these fairy queens claim to serve? This has to be the end of the Palestinian Authority talks with Israel created in the Oslo Accords. How on earth could these ‘talks’ now be seen as anything but collaboration? Israel is prepared to do nothing that allows the Palestinians a presence in the world. Have the leaders of the free world and the representatives of those claiming to be the only democracy in the Middle East become so complicit in the corruption of their own powers? One wonders.

Posted on behalf of KH 26/01/11


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